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Events on DVD

Family Vacation Footage

Create a video diary of your favorite family get-aways.

Your Children Growing Up

Wouldn’t it be great to take the most special moments from your vast library of family videotapes and have them transferred onto a single DVD? With Corte' Media's Events on DVD, we’ll do just that! We will edit to your specifications and produce a single, entertaining volume that you can access instantly access, complete with titles and video clips of your choosing.

Your Wedding

Preserve that special day forever.

Special Events

The birth of your child, baptisms, T-ball and soccer games, graduations, you name it! Remember them for a lifetime with DVD.

Corporate Sales and Training Materials

Consolidate your videotape training library onto DVD or transfer sales presentation videos to DVD - An excellent way to make a major impression on your prospective clients.

CD Slideshows

Corte' Media would like to give you the digital advantage with our CD Slideshow service! WIth our CD-ROM, multi-media slideshow:

  • Photos are scanned in high-resolution and digitally enhanced
  • Includes great sound effects and animations
  • Choose from a variety of background colors and designs
  • Incorporate beautiful transitions from slide to slide
  • Theme-based music - background music matching the pictures being displayed. User select music available
  • Can be copied (from CD) onto many computers
  • No TV/VCR needed, plays from any Pentium or equivalent computer running Windows 95 and higher
  • CD includes photos in JPEG format. Great for E-mail or to use with photo editing software!
The Corte' Media Digital Diary

Includes all of the above PLUS posting of the slideshow on the web in a password protected environment. Your slideshow can be viewed around the world by anyone with access to the internet!